Peru earthquake survivors protest

Hundreds accuse the government of mishandling reconstruction effort.

Thousands of Peruvians remain intemporary shelters [Reuters]
Thousands of Peruvians remain intemporary shelters [Reuters]

“Alan is a liar!” protesters shouted while banging pots and pans in Pisco, the hardest-hit city, 250km south of Lima.

They have complained that millions of dollars in reconstruction funds have never reached them, saying they have been diverted or gone missing.

‘Unfair’ criticism

Jose Navarro, 29, brought flowers to the graves of his daughter and wife, who was eight months pregnant when the quake struck.

“What can you do? You have to face reality.” he said. “It’s hard, but with the support of everyone, I have to move forward.”

Garcia, whose free market policies have left him unpopular with the electorate, said on Tuesday Peruvians were being “unfair” in their criticisms of his response to the earthquake.

He also said people were being too demanding.”It’s okay to ask for help, but don’t exaggerate.”

Garcia also challenged anyone to provide evidence to back up allegations of corruption in the earthquake budget.

Source : News Agencies


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