Olympic tourists stabbed in Beijing

Victims said to be relatives of the US men’s volleyball coach.

China has deployed a massive security operation for the Beijing games [EPA]
China has deployed a massive security operation for the Beijing games [EPA]

The Chinese capital has been quiet in the run-up to the Olympics, with security tight across the capital and thousands of security officials patrolling the streets and the games venues, but some small-scale protests have persisted.

Tibet protest

Protesters staged a mock ‘die in’ in Tiananmen Sqaure on Saturday [EPA]

On Saturday, five foreign pro-Tibet activists held a protest in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, some draping themselves in Tibetan flags, according to a statement issued by two overseas Tibet rights groups.

“The Chinese government is seeking to cover up its ugly occupation of Tibet with the bright lights of the Olympics,” Matt Whitticase, a spokesman for the group, said.

“Our action at Tiananmen Square today highlights the determination of Tibetans and people of conscience that no amount of repression from the Chinese government will extinguish the desire of Tibetans for freedom and to speak out against China’s worsening abuses in Tibet.”

The protesters – from the US, Germany and Canada – staged a “mock die-in” on the north side of the square.

Police detained them about 10 minutes into the demonstration, the group said.

Source : News Agencies


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