Bangladesh anti-graft chief chosen

Former army chief chosen by Bangladesh’s interim government as anti-corruption head.

Bangladesh soldiers line crackdown
Bangladesh's new interim government began work in January to crack down on corruption [AP]

Corruption drive


At least 24 of those listed have already been arrested as part of the government’s anti-corruption drive.


Mashud, who was army chief until 2005, was a cabinet member of the interim government led by president Iajuddin Ahmed before he resigned in December last year citing differences with Ahmed over electoral reforms.


Ahmed resigned on January 11 after months of political unrest which claimed at least 35 lives. He also declared a state of emergency and cancelled elections scheduled for January 22.


His successor, former central bank governor Fakhruddin Ahmed, has said he will push through reforms to clean up political life in order to hold free and fair elections.


Supreme Court Justice Sultan Hossain Khan resigned as anti-corpution chief early this month, bowing to pressure from the interim government for his failure to act against corrupt politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats.


Anti-corrpution body, Transparency International, has repeatedly named Bangladesh among the world’s most corrupt nations.

Source: News Agencies