Morocco rolls back bread price hike

Violent protests force government to withdraw 30 per cent hike in bread prices.

Clashes on Sunday left at least 50 people injured [Gallo/Getty]
Clashes on Sunday left at least 50 people injured [Gallo/Getty]
The consumption of breads and pastries rises sharply during the Muslim holy month, as families hold large feasts after sunset to break the fast.

The price hike had prompted widespread complaints from consumers, which formed into protests organised by a local branch of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights. 

Established in 1979 with branches around the country, the group has organised several sit-ins against food price rises over the past year.

The protests had bought back memories of bread riots in 1981 that left hundreds dead in Casablanca.

Those riots also were prompted by the government’s decision to raise bread prices by 30 per cent.

Source: News Agencies


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