Current affairs programming

Programme output for Al Jazeera International from its broadcast centres around the world has a wide mix of programming genres and talents ensuring a uniquely diverse perspective on current affairs.

The programme genres reflect important issues from technology, religion, politics and culture to business topics such as economic development, world trade and corporate responsibility.

As a commissioning house Al Jazeera International’s programmes will include material gathered from freelancers and independent companies all across the globe.

For freelance cameramen and women around the world Al Jazeera International presents huge new opportunities – much of the programming output will be commissioned from independents, providing them with an unprecedented outlet for their coverage.

Everywoman Presented by Shahnaz Pakravan

Everywoman is the first show of its kind from the Middle East to put women’s issues at its core. Its strong stories with universal appeal ensure that this will be compelling viewing for men and women alike. The show’s flexible format and global agenda deliver a mix of challenging journalism with stories coming from Al Jazeera International’s broadcast centres around the world. Shahnaz and her team bring viewers stories that have universal appeal with subjects as diverse and sensitive as religion, society, sex, education and arts, all from various women’s perspectives.

Fabulous Picture Show

With world and experimental cinema, shorts, animation as well as the best from Hollywood to Bollywood, Amanda Palmer and her Fabulous Picture Show team go beyond the neon lights and red carpets to explore all aspects of the world film industry. FPS includes profiles on the industry’s players both in front and behind of the camera, featuring amateurs and professionals, whether they are actors, editors, directors, composers, cinematographers, screen writers, as well as a spectrum of other industry jobs. FPS is also a much-needed platform for aspiring filmmakers, by broadcasting the best of today’s 30 second shorts during the programme it gives voices and faces to new talent.


One crew, one destination and just 48 hours to journey to the heart of the world’s most dynamic cities. Through the intensely personal stories of local guides, Amanda Palmer and her team uncover everything from cultural and religious events to the social and economic backdrops of unique locations. The show’s inside reports cover everything from education, arts, culture, fads, tradition, youth issues, music, sports and new industries to deliver a reality-check on how people live today.

Frost Over the World

Sir David Frost, one of the world’s most celebrated broadcasters, invites the world’s most powerful and famous people to join in conversation from Al Jazeera International’s London broadcast centre. Landmark interviews have always been a feature of Sir David’s career. He introduces his audiences to the world’s most powerful people, from royalty to super-stars. Among the many world figures that he has interviewed are the seven most recent Presidents of the United States and the last six British Prime Ministers. Frost Over the World brings together a diverse range of guests to discuss the week’s current affairs.

Listening Post

Presented from London by Richard Gizbert, Listening Post reviews the world’s electronic media, casting a sceptical eye over how other broadcasters are reporting and challenging when news has actually become propaganda. Listening Post monitors and examines all forms of media. From the biggest network to the most obscure web bloggers, Listening Post reports critically on what they cover – and what they don’t. It examines the big stories – and explains how and why coverage of them differs in different parts of the world.

People & Power

The antidote to conventional business television, Dr Shereen El Feki presents the business and politics magazine programme that looks at influence far beyond the boardroom or elected chambers. People & Power probes all areas of politics and business and examines the forces shaping today’s world. Whether organised crime, trading blocs, corruption, global corporate anarchy – People & Power will champion the victims of irresponsible power. Reflecting the channel’s fresh take on current affairs the programme not only talks to the usual suspects—politicians, CEOs, religious leaders and military men — but unusual ones too, from bloggers to inventors, from shareholder activists to civil rights campaigners.

Riz Khan

Riz Khan is a live interactive show that allows viewers to directly question world leaders, newsmakers and celebrities. The programme is hosted by internationally-renowned journalist Riz Khan and addresses key issues and trends impacting lives around the globe. Riz Khan will seek out thought leaders from the developing world as well as the economic power houses and the issues debated on the streets and in the corridors of power.


Sportsworld takes viewers behind the scenes of major sporting events. The team interview not only the leading stars but also the unsung personalities – reporting on what is happening in the world of sport, both professional and amateur. Viewers will be able to enjoy action highlights from the best of the football leagues in Europe and South America, the tennis grand slam events, the golf majors, cricket test matches, rugby internationals, Formula 1 and MotoGP, North American sports, athletics, boxing, cycling, sailing and winter sports.


Rageh Omaar presents the channel’s daily documentary strand Witness. The programme gives voice to actual witnesses of global affairs, featuring human stories made by storytellers from all walks of life, together with expert analysis, interviews and in-depth discussion. Content is also gathered from the channel’s broadcast centres and draws on a new breed of video journalists reaching parts of the world often ignored. Witness also brings together the best documentaries from around the world, and allows air time for access-driven video journalists.

Source: Al Jazeera