Comments: Sunni, Shia and US politics

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Laith Saud’s editorial Sunni, Shia and US Middle East politics.

They already chose Israel since a long long time ago! Just in case if someone didn’t know. It is about us now, who have to choose between US or our dignity.

Mohammad, Canada


Since the time of Hitler or Stalin, the world has never seen a regime spreading democracy with a rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other. I hope that the innocent people like me will not pay for it.

Mary Derricotte, US


The only way to bring Israel to an unconditional ceasefire is to put the American interests under threat. 
Raj, India


It is pathetic to hear Rice saying that she is saddened by the loss of innocent lives. By the way, Karen Hughes, do you still wonder why they hate you?
Saad, Yemen


You seem to forget that no Jewish nation has ever attacked us. Islam on the other hand has continually attacked us directly or indirectly. I think that we will stay loyal to Israel, our true friend in the Middle East!
Danny, US


Laith Saud, your bold conclusions make me worry about your safety. I wonder when you will be condemned as a terrorist or a glorifier of terrorism just because of your cultural and/or geographical origin!
Hassan Aden, US


I used to support the United States since the fall of the Taliban from 2001 in Afghanistan; but not since the current Middle East crisis started. I thought that the United States had realised its mistakes when it aided the extremists in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union during the Cold War.


I believed that the United States is really a great example of democracy when it supported the democratic process in Afghanistan but unfortunately, my support, and my hopes … all ended when I saw those shocking images of innocent Lebanese civilians, especially in Qana, getting killed.
Daud, Canada


Everything the Bush administration does revolves around the Jews and Christians against the rest of the religions of the world. I have to say it is embarrassing. 


Would it not be wonderful if there were not any religion in the world? Just people doing the right thing because it is the right thing? I am an atheist, so it is easy. People’s gods and religion are always in the way. 

I am an American and I am totally ashamed of the Bush administration. It seems that Jews and so called Christians dictate everything that the US government does.


The Americans do not get balanced news. They get the Jewish and so called Christian view of the world. I try to read as many sources as much as possible. News reporting in the US is poor at its best. Religion gets in the way of everything. 

Ron, US

Source: Al Jazeera