Violence mars Paris party

Two French revellers have died, one is feared drowned, several were seriously injured and more than 189 were arrested as France counts the cost of its night of celebrations after making the World Cup final, defeating Portugal 1-0.

World Cup revellers gather in Paris
World Cup revellers gather in Paris

In central Paris, an 18 year old man was crushed to death as he attempted to jump between the roofs of two metro trains at a station.

In Lens, a 20 year old woman was killed in a car accident minutes after the victory.

Police believe she was crushed after she had been leaning out the window of a car which veered off the road to avoid a pedestrian.

Meanwhile in Lyon, a young man is missing feared drowned after jumping off a bridge with friends to celebrate.

While the vast majority of the 500,000 fans who flocked to the Champs-Elysees soaked up the victory in a peaceful, if noisy manner, scenes did turn nasty before 2:00am.

Police were forced to use teargas when groups of youths threw bottles and other projectiles.

More than 189 people were arrested in Paris alone.

In a stadium south of the capital an 18 year old man was stabbed and is in hospital with serious injuries.

Police were again forced to use tear gas to break up a number of fights and a number of people were arrested after they let off smoke canisters.

South of Paris in the Essonne region, the fire department were called out for dozens of minor arson attacks, as youths torched around 40 garbage cans and 15 cars, and two police officers were slightly injured by a firecracker.

In south-eastern Grenoble, 12 people were arrested after hurling beer cans at police, and 14 people were hurt in street brawls.
There were similar scenes between police and youths in Lyon where telephone booths and cars were damaged in the city centre and some people suffered slight injuries in the confusion.
In Marseille, police made 20 arrests during the post-match celebrations, firing teargas to disperse a crowd which threw beer cans and other projectiles.

Source: AFP

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