Third Russian sick from radiation

A businessman who met Alexander Litvinenko is treated for radiation exposure.

Lugovoy met Litvinenko on the day the latter became ill from radiation poisoning
Lugovoy met Litvinenko on the day the latter became ill from radiation poisoning

“Today I spent the whole day undergoing necessary medical procedures,” he added.


Dmitry Kovtun, Lugovoy’s business partner, is also in hospital with suspected radiation poisoning.


Mario Scaramella, an Italian contact of Litvinenko, has undergone treatment in London for the effects of similar contamination.


Medical notes


Interfax said its information on Lugovoy’s condition came from his medical notes. “Disruption in the functioning of some organs affected by radiation nuclides has been found (in Lugovoy),” it quoted a source as saying.


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Meanwhile, police in Hamburg said they planned to examine Kovtun’s apartment in the city for traces of polonium 210, following media reports that the Russian businessman had flown from Hamburg to London.


The statement did not say when Kovtun was last in Hamburg.


Lugovoy and Kovtun met Litvinenko at London‘s Millennium Hotel on November 1 for what Lugovoy described as a business meeting.


He has denied any part in Litvinenko’s poisoning and offered to help police.


British detectives continue to work in Moscow as part of their investigation into the murder of Litvinenko, a British citizen.

Source: News Agencies


Police are treating the death of Alexander Litvinenko as murder, as traces of radiation are found at a British embassy.

10 Dec 2006
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