Saddam letter calls for resistance

Hand-written letter by former Iraqi president calls death sentence a “sacrifice”.

The hand-written letter urged Iraqis to unite
against US-led forces [Reuters] 

Saddam Hussein has called his planned execution a “sacrifice” for Iraq, in a letter written shortly after he was sentenced to death by an Iraqi court.


The hand-written letter also calls on Iraqis to unite and fight US forces in Iraq.


“Here I offer myself in sacrifice. If God almighty wishes, it [my soul] will take me where he orders to be with the martyrs,” Saddam said in the letter, which was obtained from his defence lawyers in Jordan.


“If my soul goes down this path [of martyrdom], it will face God in serenity.”


The defence team said the letter was written shortly after Saddam was sentenced to death in November for ordering the killing of 148 Shias in the town of Dujail in 1982.


Resistance call


The letter was written before the Iraqi High Tribunal appeals court on Tuesday ratified the lower court’s ruling.


“You have known your brother and leader as you have known your own family. He has not bowed down to the tyrants and remained a sword against them,” Saddam said.


“Oh great people, I call on you to preserve the values that enabled you to be worthy of carrying out shouldering the faith and to be the light of civilisation… Your unity stands against falling into servitude.”


The letter goes on to say: “Oh brave, pious Iraqis in the heroic resistance. Oh sons of the one nation, direct your enmity towards the invaders. Do not let them divide you… Long live jihad [struggle] and the mujahidin against the invaders.”


Following the appeals court decision, Saddam faces death by hanging within 30 days.

Source: News Agencies


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