Many dead in Indonesia mudslide

Seven more bodies are discovered as mudslide hits Sumatra.

The landslide was due to heavy rains
The landslide was due to heavy rains
The landslide was in a remote valley below Mount Talang, 40km east of Padang. It destroyed a mosque and eight houses, Kesatria said.
He said eight people were still in hospital with injuries.
“This morning we dispatched 15 more officers to the disaster area. The weather is clear and we now have two heavy machines to assist the operation.
“I think many [bodies] are buried deep in the ground. But we will only stop the search after all the bodies are found.”
Landslides and flash floods are not unusual in Indonesia, especially during the monsoon rains which typically hit a peak in January.
In April, flash flooding and landslides triggered by monsoon rains killed at least 23 people in East Java.
At least 12 people were killed in similar disasters in January on other islands in the archipelago nation, while more than 150 people were also killed on Java in two separate landslides.
Source : News Agencies


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