The cartoonists’ view

Over the years Al Jazeera has attracted a huge amount of insterest, and as a result, headlines both for and against. 

As with any other organisation in the news the channel has also been recognised by cartoonists.

Here are a few animated examples of the work of our own political cartoonist, Shujaat, and a contribution from Steve Bell, best known for his work in the Guardian newspaper in Britain.


Copyright © Steve Bell 2005/All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission

The cartoon above was Steve Bell’s take on George Bush’s conversation with Tony Blair in which they talked about bombing Al Jazeera’s headquarters in Doha.

Below are a few samples of Shujaat’s work.

Tayseer Allouni and Human Rights – Shujaat

A tribute to Tariq Ayoub – Shujaat

Targeting Reality – Shujaat

The arrest of Tayseer Allouni – Shujaat

World Press Freedom Day 2004 – Shujaat

The Arena of Tayseer Allouni – Shujaat


Source: Al Jazeera

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