Recent major air disasters in Iran

A passenger plane with 147 people on board caught fire on landing at an airport at Mashhad in northeast Iran on Friday, killing at least killing 80 people. It was only the latest in a long line of air disasters in that country since 1980.

Friday's tragedy in Mashhad was only the latest in a long line
Friday's tragedy in Mashhad was only the latest in a long line

January 21, 1980: Iran Air Boeing 727 crashes killing all 128 on board.


November 3, 1986: A Hercules C-130 army transport plane crash kills 103.


July 3, 1988: Iran Air Airbus is shot down by US warship Vincennes, kills 290 people.


February 8, 1993: Iran Air plane collides with a military plane, killing 123.


March 17, 1994: 19 killed when a Hercules transport plane crashed in the Caucasus.


October 12, 1994: An Aseman Airline Fokker F-28 crashes killing all 66 aboard.


March 14, 1997: An Iranian military plane crash kills 80.


February 2, 2000: An Iranian Air Force C-130 crash kills all six onboard.


May 17, 2001: Twenty-nine people die, including transport minister Rahman Dadman, in a Russian-built Yak-40 plane.


February 12, 2002: An Iran Air Tupolev-154 crash kills 119 people.


December 23, 2002: A Ukrainian plane crash in Iran kills 46 aerospace officials.


February 19, 2003: An Iranian troop carrier crash kills 276 soldiers.


February 10, 2004: A Kish airlines Fokker plane crashes in the UAE, killing 43 of the 45 passengers and crew aboard.


December 6, 2005: Air Force aircraft with 94 people on board crashes into apartment block, killing all on board and at least 22 people on the ground.


January 9, 2006: An Iranian military plane kills 11 people including army commanders.


September 1, 2006: Eighty die as a passenger plane ignites on landing.

Source : Reuters

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