Comments: America adrift

A selection of comments sent to us in response to Sandy Shanks’s editorial America adrift.

We [the US] are in a war that we cannot afford to lose. Those people attacked us! I don’t think we are doing enough. If I were running things we would have already nuked Iraq, Iran, and Syria.
James Pickens, US


If your media could teach the Arab community something about America to which even 95% of American’s fall ignorant, perhaps this would put a lot of American issues in perspective.


I want us to think back on those famous George Bush speeches: “I am making the world safe for democracy.” I now call reference to Mr Shank’s reference to “exporting democracy”. Now aside from the issue of exporting something which no country has purchased, why would Americans export something they are not?
David Wissel, US


This morning on the BBC Radio 4 a historian described the Jefferson and Kennedy Libraries; I wonder what the Bush Library will contain, along with a few war comics!
Mike Alexander, UK


Having lived in Asia and the Middle East for 30 years, I am very disenchanted with my fellow Americans.

I lived and worked among the Iranians, Saudis, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese and as a consequence find Americans very different from other people. For one thing they live in a state of terror.

They have been too sheltered. They are very selfish and mean-spirited. They don’t care about the Palestinians and the Iraqis or the Afghanistan or Lebanese. They have closed their minds to the sufferings of these people.
Sheridan L Peterson, US


History shows that once the will of a nation has been lost, no war can be won. The American people have lost the will to fight this war.
George Lewis, UK


The US ambassador has asked our prime minister, John Howard, to set up Oz as its back-door protector. Blair, Bush and others strut their stuff and even our treasurer said the campaign against terror will take another 50 years. In the future this short-lived reign of American imperialism will be revealed as the lowest ebb in human affairs.

Rick Ryan, Australia

Source: Al Jazeera

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