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Below is a selection of Aljazeera reader comments about the Lebanese crisis.

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It is deplorable to see how the world is allowing Israel to massacre the people of Lebanon. Just because two soldiers were kidnapped it doesn’t justify this genocide inflicted on an entire nation. I wonder when the international community is going to stop Israel and impose severe sanctions on this state supported by the United States. Shame on the USA and shame on Israel.

– Antonio Plaza, US


Does anyone think that lobbing rockets on civilians in Israel is a war crime? When Israel strikes in Lebanon it at least provides warning to civilians ahead of time with leaflets. I am amazed that suicide bombers and dropping rockets on civilian populations by Arab nations is given a free pass and accidental collateral damage by Israel is trumped up and paraded around. Has anyone read the evil statements made by Hamas and Hezbollah? They want no peace, only the utter destruction of Israel and the West. Wake up people!

– Sean, US


Lebanon has brought this war upon itself. It has its army which could not guard its own border with Israel. It allowed Hezbollah to attack Israel in violation of international principles. If Hezbollah was so concerned about Lebanon it would have negotiated the return of Israeli soldiers, instead it chose the destruction of Lebanon so that its leader Nasrallah could become leader of the Arabs. God only can help Lebanon.

– Sunny, India


It’s really very strange why the Lebanese army is not doing anything. Only Hezbollah is defending the Lebanese population. Shame on all the Arab and Islamic nations’ leaders who are so afraid of the US and Israel.

– Murtaza, Russia


Did Hezbollah inform, advise, or even get permission from the Lebanese government of their planned attack against Israel? No they did not. Has Hezbollah intentionally and specifically targeted civilian populations in Israel? Yes, they have. Has Hezbollah threatened to target more civilian populations further into Israel? Yes, they have. If there is any one person, group or country who should be held accountable for the obscenity now going on in Lebanon it is Syria and Iran. They are the ones who have been arming Hezbollah …  They are the ones who ordered the attack on Israel.

– Chris H, US


I think what we are seeing is the result of two strong-willed adversaries whose arrogance and pride is blinding them both equally. Innocent people on both sides are paying the price for this. It is not about Islam versus Judeo-Christian, or Israel versus Arab. It is the manifestation of sinful human nature that transcends all faiths and cultures that ultimately makes us one in the same. Who says the human race is the superior species? We certainly do not behave as such. Pray for peace, everyone.

– Rob, US


What is worse, the risk of civil war to disarm Hezbollah, or Israel destroying most of the country and occupying portion of the country till this is sorted out?

– Tony, Australia


My country has come out in support of Israel in this conflict. This does not represent the opinions of the majority of Canadians, who are against this war.

Over and over again in the media we are told that Hezbollah is a dangerous terrorist organisation. Then I see the rubble of Lebanon and I realise who the real terrorists are. We need a ceasefire now.

– Ben, Canada


My heart goes out to the Lebanese and Israeli people during this tragic offensive. They are the true victims of this war. The US and Iran/Syria are waging a proxy war with each other using Israel and Lebanon as the pawns. Do they think we are not smart enough to see what is happening? This is no longer about taking sides. If the region is to recover and heal from this tragedy, there must be forgiveness on both sides. Who will take the first step?

– Melissa, US


Hezbollah has repeatedly attacked Israel and dared Israel to attack. Hezbollah has been preparing for this war for many years. Unfortunately, Lebanon is responsible, because it harbours and supports this group.

It’s humiliating for an army like Israel’s, which claims be one of the best in the world, to be attacked and lose men. Israel had to attack. I am surprised that Israel waited this long.

– Tiki Barber, Canada


Hezbollah is defending Lebanon; it is taking measures to make sure Israel leaves Lebanon alone once and for all.

– Ali, Lebanon


Why not have an international force patrol the northern 20 kilometres of Israel as well as southern Lebanon and disarm the IDF [Israeli military] as well as the Hezbollah? Place an arms embargo for weapons to Hezbollah from Syria and Iran and an embargo on arms from USA for Israel. Then release the prisoners and have both sides withdraw to their own territories. Fair is fair.

– Yunus, US


Unfortunately the Lebanese and Israeli body count keeps rising on a daily basis. I pity both sides since they became tools in achieving others political goals. Throughout history the Middle East was the battlefield of many nations and superpowers.

Unfortunately today, Iran is trying to establish its political agenda through this regional conflict. Sadly, even if this conflict will end in the proposed ceasefire, the next bloodshed is inevitable, as the political forces behind the scenes will not abandon their ambitious plans, for now at least.

– Lemosh, US

To all the people saying that Hezbollah  started this war by kidnapping soldiers … does that justify the killing of over 900 civilians (most of them women and children)? We live at a time when leaders of certain countries no longer represent the interests of their people. To Israel and the US: Where is the love?

– Bilal, UK


Frankly, the turn of events in the Middle East is devastating – obviously for those living through the events, but also to Americans. America used to be – at least to some – a moral champion. But how can we as a people and as a country allow such atrocities against civilians by Israel? If that country really is the ally of the US, then I think this government needs to look very seriously into Israeli interests and see if there remains any alignment to US interests – or even humanitarian interests.

– Ashleigh, US


When you shoot rockets across the border and try to kill innocent people in Israel what do you expect? You brought this on yourself and now you pay the consequences.

– Dennis Demint, US


Do we still pretend that we did not see the children who became the victims of this terrorist attack? It is for real now. The kids might not understand why they should be at war – they could not even carry a weapon – but they were killed along with hundreds of innocent people. Do we still keep our eyes closed and carry on our lives like nothing ever happens? We must stop the terrorist attacks in Palestine and Lebanon now.

– Iwan, Indonesia


I cannot believe what has happened to my beautiful country of Lebanon nor to my people. I think America are the real terrorists, not Hezbollah. The US sends war supplies and money for fuel to Israel instead of sending commands to stop the war. Israel is killing off all of Lebanon, and for what?

– Raniah, US 


Hezbollah attacks Israel, kidnaps two soldiers, kills others, and everyone is surprised that they defended themselves. What were they to do? Everyone is saying that Israel started it, but did they kidnap and kill their own soldiers?

Hezbollah took a chance believing that they would just try to negotiate to release the soldiers, but were wrong. They have to live with the consequences.

– Al, US


Israel and its backers keep warning the international community of the dreaded consequences that might befall the region should any Arab or non-Western-aligned state in the Middle East succeed in accumulating weapons of mass destruction.

The facts belie this message; Israel itself has the distinction as the only state in the region that has already demonstrated a total lack of moral restraint when it comes to unleashing its own weapons of mass destruction and death.

Not even the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait by one of the most brutal dictators in modern history resulted in even a fraction of the wholesale devastation and slaughter that Israel’s third and most wanton aggression against Lebanon has wreaked.

– William, US


Without a doubt this is the worst time the Middle East has gone through in its history since the Mongols invaded us about 750 years ago. The US and Israel have managed to destroy Palestine, and they are already talking about Syria.

What’s even worse than the destruction is that no Arab government has come to the help of their brethren. The time has finally come for all of us in the Middle East to understand that we alone are the only ones that can make Israel accountable for its actions and to stop begging others to do so.

– Esam, Palestine

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