Who needs football, who needs men

While Brazil fans shed tears and bid farewell to their team, Nairobi’s football widows couldn’t care less. They were having far too much fun trying to forget the World Cup even existed.

The World Cup widows enjoying themselves
The World Cup widows enjoying themselves

The nail-biting game was the last thing on their mind, as they banded together dressed in black in protest against their husbands who had ditched them for the love of the game.

“Who needs men and football,” says Florence Wanjiku.

“We are having a lot more fun here, just us girls. No stress, no hassles, no head aches. We’re calling ourselves black widows and are enjoying our month-long freedom from our men.”

It was a wild night, complete with male strippers and dancing girls to make the evening more memorable. No men were allowed anywhere near the festivities – except for the strippers of course.

Kenya is not the only country with its share of World Cup widows.

What game?

What game?

Women in the Netherlands have set up an anti-football website while ladies in the UK are making trips to a hotel in the Lake District, where the f-word (football) has been banned.

The hotel has been made a football-free zone. Sports supplements have been removed from newspapers, and television sports coverage has been replaced with re-runs of romantic films, such as Pretty Woman.

Africa’s World Cup widows are making sure they enjoy their time away from their hubbies. Local television stations are standing true to their word and offering women all you can watch football-free movies.

Nation Television (NTV) in Kenya has launched what it calls NTV Women’s World Cup, with the catch phrase, “leave your football at the door.” …..and when Nairobi’s football widows are not glued to the screen on Friday, they were on the dance floor strutting their stuff.
“It’s like a drought has hit Nairobi. Where have all the men gone to? They are no longer in the clubs or restaurants,” said Cecilia Nakusoba.

“If you want to find your man, go to the local bar and when you do good luck getting his attention. So we have been forced to do our own thing, and we are having fun doing it.”

The widows’ party was just down the road from a local pub where the guys were watching the France v Brazil game.
Those who knew about the all ladies affair were not bothered by it. In fact, they were glad it kept their women busy.

“Parties like that mean I can sneak off with the lads and watch a good game without feeling guilty about it,” said Mike Okinywa downing a pint.

“Besides, it’s an all chicks party – we have nothing to worry about.”

The only thing on his mind that night was Brazil winning. Little did he know he would lose the bet he’d made with his buddies an hour later.
And while Mike and other Brazil supporters mourned the early departure of Brazil from the World Cup, Nairobi’s black widows were having the time of their lives – no stress, no hassles, no headaches and most importantly no men.

With one more week to go before the World Cup finale Nairobi’s black widows have a host of activities lined up to keep them entertained until football fever is over and their husbands remember notice they exist again.

Source : Al Jazeera

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