Neill calls for clampdown on cheats

Australian defender Lucas Neill has called for a clampdown on cheating players as he admitted he was still bitter about Australia’s elimination to Italy in the second round.

Lucas Neill sends out a 'Please explain'
Lucas Neill sends out a 'Please explain'

The Blackburn Rovers player said more needed to be done to end the “simulation” which had become such an accepted part of the game.

“Everyone in the world knows it happens and everyone in the world says they are trying to change the rules to get rid of cheating and diving and all this feigning injury and getting other  players booked by making gestures,” Neill said. “But it never stops.”
Neill said he was very emotional after his side’s exit.
“I had to hold back the tears on the field because I knew if I started I wouldn’t stop,” the central defender said.
“I’ve been told I was inconsolable after the game but it’s because of the disappointment and frustration I showed in the change-room by going into the corner and giving it the old  four-year-old sulk with my hands on my head.
“It’s been very difficult to get over it and it’s going to take some time.
“But the response from the people back here already has been amazing. I’ve only had a taste of it for a couple of hours now since I’ve been home but everyone has been handshaking and cuddles.”

The Sydney born Neill felt the side could have gone a lot further in the competition.

“It kind of got cut short because we all felt that there was definitely one more game against Ukraine which we felt we would win and then we were in the semi-finals which would lead to a final or a third-place playoff,” he said.

The 28 year old also stated a desire to be a part of Australia’s Asian Cup qualifiers against Kuwait and Lebanon.
“We want to keep this momentum going of trying to achieve things for the nation,” he said.

Source : AFP

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