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We are now into the knock-out rounds of Germany 2006, and as the competition heats up, so has your feedback.

We’ve had some great opinions on the standard of refereeing, football around the globe, favourite matches, and who is going to lift the Jules Rimet Trophy on July 9.

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Abdulla in Yemen says certain teams are getting preferential treatment at the World Cup:

While I enjoy the World Cup matches without missing any, what I find less enjoyable is the imbalance between the referees across all matches. I would like to urge FIFA to consider intensive training for referees as they really have the power to change balances on World Cup games being heavy handed towards mainly the smaller teams.

Socceroos fan Luke in Australia also feels the ‘smaller teams’ aren’t getting a fair go.

What is wrong with referring at this tournament?  Mark Viduka was rugby tackled in the box against Croatia, and there was a blatant handball in the Croatian box in the second half.  Not to mention the three yellows handed out the Croat defender.  Are all the so called ‘minnows’ of world football being persecuted at this World Cup?

As a whistleblower himself, perhaps Noel in the USA should be in Germany:

As a referee myself I am not impressed with the calibre of officiating in this World Cup.  They have handed down some red cards for yellow cards offences just to send a message.  They have given way too many yellow cards, they could caution them verbally to nip a problem in the bud.  Once you put them on notice they’ll behave.  You would expect more from World Cup FIFA referees.  I could do a better job.

Is the refereeing really the problem, or are the players behaving badly?

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In a vote to introduce technology into the world game, Joy in the UK writes:

The refereeing has been the worst I’ve ever seen & I’m nearly 59! Come on, the technology is there, we need to use it. If FIFA weren’t living in the stone age we could do away with referees & assistant referees completely & get sensible decisions using technology.

David in Atlanta, USA provided his theory on why the ‘big teams’ get all the calls and the ‘small teams’ have higher foul counts, and also gave his insight into football in the USA.

The favoured sides get the calls, partly from a desire to protect the big-name players.  On the other hand, the less-proficient sides foul more because that’s the only way to stop the attack.

Lots of people are watching the World Cup in Atlanta, but in general football is on TV a lot in the US, but few watch it.  The European Champions League has very high-quality football, but miniscule ratings.
I hear a lot of reasons why: too many other sports in the US; it’s a frustrating game to watch; not enough goals.
That being said, there is much more interest for this WC than 2002.  In two bars it was impossible to get a seat with a view of the TV for USA v Czech Republic.


Virginia in the USA listed her favourite game of the first round:

What has your favourite game been so far?

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My favourite game of the first round was Mexico v Iran for its great display of sportsmanship.

While Roberto in Miami, Florida also told us about his favourite match so far:

The most exciting game has been Mexico v Argentina.  People were tense because of the equalizer and the overtime.


We’ve had a fair bit of feedback on Brazil as well.

Machiek in Sudan wrote:

I wish Brazil to win this tournament I wish them so because they are calm, confident, and skilful.  Ronaldo is the best in Brazil no-one will ever be like him.

Who will be 2006 World Champions?

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Cedric’s comments ahead of Brazil’s 3-0 win over Ghana proved to be correct:

I really don’t think Ronaldo should be dropped, because Brazil really doesn’t have to show off until the real fight comes.  I think they can just sail through the games until they really need to explode. I will say I am surprised Brazil hasn’t played a killer game using all they’ve got, while Argentina their rivals have really showed the world they are ready to play some football.

While Lauro in Brazil still doesn’t think his team are playing up to standard:

Brazil won the game (against Ghana), but didn’t convince me.  Perhaps they will win the World Cup, but they’re playing without brightness.


In regards to the story on “Islamist group protests the World Cup”

Milani from Italy wrote:

What I have just read made me laugh, at first, but cry, as a second thought.

Everywhere in the world, the source of all problems is those guys talking about religion with no valid reason.

Luckily enough there are many people that disapprove. Just consider their words: wearing a jersey compared to idolatry?

Do they think they are the only ones who are right while others are wrong?

There should be a place for people like that, where they can live in peace with their distorted vision of religion and above all where they can stay without torturing the innocents with their twisted ideas!

While Hamza wrote:

Sometimes these people go too far.  Come on its just soccer, and it’s going to be over in two weeks, so stop tripping.


Nevin in Shenzen, China wrote:

I still cannot believe that Turkey is not playing in the World Cup. Isn’t it about time FIFA changed the rules and based qualification on games won rather than on goals scored? One has to admit it seems a bit ridiculous that Ukraine and Saudi Arabia are in while Turkey, who was in the top 5 teams in the last World Cup is out.

In regards to the match report “Ecuador out the backdoor” , Gino from Ecuador said:

Your analysis of the World Cup game between Ecuador and England is flat out wrong. 

Ecuador played not only against a multi million dollar FIFA representative (England), but also against an unfair referee and managed to control the English team most of the game.

After reading the match report “Totti breaks Australian hearts”

Will in Sydney, Australia wrote:

Nice report, although probably a little harsh on the Italians.  They presented numerous opportunities in the first half and were unlucky to not go to halftime with a 1 or 2 goal lead.

Nice knowledge shown on the Australian team, with the comment on Scott Chipperfield’s former occupation.

While John in Albany, Western Australia said:

A disappointing end to Australia’s campaign, but it certainly demonstrates that Australia is now a bona fide football nation.

Carticus in Brisbane, Australia finally added:

Football world lookout!  We have finally stamped our name in The World Cup Finals.
You can referee us out of matches but you will not keep us out of the world game!
We will be back!!

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Source : Al Jazeera

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