Ruling party wins in Egypt elections

Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) has won 102 seats in the final day of voting in legislative elections, official results showed, giving the party more than 70% of places in parliament.

NDP won more than 70% of seats in parliament
NDP won more than 70% of seats in parliament

Independent candidates won 18 seats on Wednesday, the last of six days of voting which started on 9 November, according to the results read out on state television on Thursday.
The Muslim Brotherhood, which fielded candidates as independents because it is banned, says it won 11 seats – its strongest showing in an election – on Wednesday, giving it a total of 87 of parliament’s 444 elected places. 
Secular parties won only a handful of seats in the month-long voting. One member of the liberal Wafd Party won a seat on Wednesday, according to the results. 

Source : Reuters

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