A look at European anti-terror measures

France has proposed new anti-terrorism measures that have been passed in parliament’s lower house

France plans to increase its video surveillance measures
France plans to increase its video surveillance measures

Here is a look at how the new anti-terrorism measures compare to those in other European countries.




The bill proposes to:


Extend the initial detention period for terror suspects from four days to up to six days.


Increase video surveillance in subways, airports, train stations, department stores and other potential targets.


Increase maximum penalty for association with a terrorist enterprise from 10 years to 20 years in prison, and from 20 years to 30 years for organisers.


Enable police to monitor people who travel to countries known to harbour terror training camps.


Give police more access to phone and internet records.


The new French law grants police more powers  

The new French law grants police
more powers  



Police may detain terror suspects up to 14 days without charge. Prime Minister Tony Blair suggested raising that to 90 days, but the House of Commons rejected the proposal this month, amending the bill to permit 28 days’ detention.


The bill is still in parliament.


Video surveillance is widely used.




Suspects must be brought before a judge within 48 hours. Judge then decides whether to issue a formal arrest warrant allowing the suspect to be kept in custody.


Membership of a terrorist organisation carries a maximum 10-year sentence. Supporting a terrorist organisation carries a sentence of up to five years.




Spanish police can hold terror suspects for up to five days, with authorisation from a judge. The normal detention period is three days.


Video surveillance permitted in public places such as stations, subways, cash machines, banks, shops and some work places.


Leading a terrorist group is punishable by 12 years imprisonment; simple membership can draw up to nine years in prison.

Source : News Agencies

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