Thousands in anti-war march in US

Joining anti-war protests in France and Italy, thousands take to the streets of San Francisco to peacefully protest US President Bush’s policies in Iraq.

Anti-war protests have not died down in the US
Anti-war protests have not died down in the US

Chanting slogans against Bush and the US occupation of Iraq, hundreds also gathered peacefully in heavy rain in a park across from the White House to protest the war, as well as the presence of US and French troops in Haiti.

“We should probably give back the Statue of Liberty until we are ready for it again,” said San Francisco protestor Liam Curry, 39, of Veterans for Peace.

“People are dying in Iraq for a lie,” said Curry, who served in the US Navy for six years and was wearing his military-issue cap.

The estimated 10,000 protesters flooded downtown Market Street and marched to the city docks. A drum corps and a brass band played for the marchers.

Children toted signs made by their parents, while seniors
demanded peace for future generations. 

Banners carried slogans such as “No flag is large enough to
cover the shame,” and “A war budget leaves every child behind.” 

Real terrorists

“The real terrorists are George Bush, (Secretary of Defense)
Donald Rumsfeld and (Vice President) Dick Cheney,” declared a representative of Act Now to Stop War and Racism, which organised the event.

“We will show that to the world.”

Police reported no arrests or protest-related problems by the
time the crowd dispersed.

The demonstrations were organized by the group Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), under the slogan, “End ccupation, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti.” 

The demonstrators included families of US troops in Iraq, who demanded the immediate return of their loved ones.

Source : News Agencies

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