Iraq: What lies ahead?

Changing Face Of Iraq is an in depth look at major factors, crucial events and key players that are defining the face of Iraq, rewriting its past, reshaping its present and ultimately its future.

The US-UK war and occupation of Iraq has wrought chaos and claimed countless victims. Despite the overriding uncertainty of what lies ahead, and the ongoing debate regarding the legality of the occupation, winds continue to change in this prominent and rich Arab country.

Iraq is now prey to many forces, some competing to consolidate their control, others merely stirring instability.

Others refuse to take on any role in the political reformation of their country while it is run by outsiders. No elections with occupation, they say.   

In the midst, new terminology is invented; claims emerge and die. The Saddam threat is replaced by the more ellusive Sunni Triangle.

The old guard is scrapped, card by card, only to be replaced by a Governing Council that, despite being handpicked by the US occupying authority, promises sovereignty and prosperity.

Meanwhile, seemingly old questions linger: Where are the banned Iraqi weapons? Was the intelligence hyped, forged even?

Aren’t Iraqis better off without the Baath party, Saddam Hussein and a legacy tainted by internal discord?

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Source : Al Jazeera

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