Palestinians clash in Gaza

One civilian has been killed and 17 people wounded in exchanges of gunfire between Palestinian military intelligence agents and masked fighters in Gaza City.

Masked men have clashed with Palestinian intelligence agents

The clashes broke out on Wednesday near the military intelligence service’s headquarters in the city after Palestinian security forces stopped a car that apparently was carrying members of the Hamas resistance movement, Aljazeera correspondent in Gaza, Hiba Akila reported.

“The armed men in the car threw at least two homemade bombs, wounding 17 people who were transferred to Dar al-Shifa hospital,” she said.

Sources at the hospital said most of those injured were security agents. The dead man was a civilian.

Dozens of military security agents sealed off the area around
al-Cannal Street and Umar al-Mukhtar Street and arrested a number of armed men, said Aljazeera correspondent.


Aljazeera correspondent reported that a statement was issued by a security official spokesman at the Palestinian National Authority in which he condemned the incident. 

“The spokesman warned of any attempted riot by any group and called on national and Islamic factions to bear their responsibilities and condemn the latest actions,” he added.

The internecine Palestinian clashes in Gaza, the stronghold of
the Hamas movement, came amid deadly Israeli air strikes in the territory.

Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies