Kuwaiti activists form political group

Dozens of young Kuwaiti activists have formed a new political grouping in the emirate to defend democratic gains and promote democracy, one of its founders said.

The group has been formed to promote democracy
The group has been formed to promote democracy

The Justice and Development Movement aims to “develop political life in Kuwait and cleanse it of impurities”, Nasir al-Abdali said in a statement.

The group was formed by young academics, economists and journalists who want to contribute to the creation of a “true democratic society where justice and equal opportunities are provided to citizens regardless of their ethnic, tribal or sectarian roots”, al-Abdali said.

The statement said existing political groupings in Kuwait have reached deadlock to the point where they “are incapable of achieving the interests of the people and their aspirations”.

At least four Islamist and three other political groups operate openly in Kuwait where political parties are outlawed.

Most of the groups are represented in the emirate’s elected 50-seat all-male parliament.

The new centrist group called for legalising political parties and allowing a greater role for the emirate’s civil society organisations.

It also called for adopting political pluralism and a rotation
of power.

Source: AFP

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