Dutch politician plans sequal to Gogh movie

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Mulsim who had written the script for the controversial movie which led to the death of Theo van Gogh, is planning another such movie.

Hirsi Ali had written the movie which led to van Gogh's death
Hirsi Ali had written the movie which led to van Gogh's death

Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali plans a new film criticizing Islam, despite the killing of her collaborator, controversial filmmaker van Gogh, and despite receiving death threats herself, a Dutch newspaper reported.


Hirsi Ali wrote the script for the controversial Van Gogh film “Submission,” which Muslims say has defamed and insulted Islam, and eventually led to his death.

She went into hiding after Van Gogh was killed on 2 November and a letter threatening her was pinned to his corpse.


Hirsi Ali remains in hiding but she said in an open letter on Friday that the killing had only made her “more combatative and stronger”.


“You can never kill thinkers, writers and artists, or threaten or intimidate them, even if this golden rule is not self-evident for everyone,” she wrote in a letter that was read aloud at a gathering of her Liberal party, known as the VVD.


Newspaper NRC Handelsblad quoted Hirsi Ali on Monday saying: “The theme of ‘Submission Part II’ is: How Islam oppresses the individual, with the position of women as a starting point.”


The film’s subtitle will be “shortcut to Enlightenment,” an apparent reference to Hirsi Ali’s earlier statements that Muslim culture needs to be modernised (secularised).


“In addition, I still want to get rid of Islamic education,” the paper quoted her saying.


Hirsi has been campaigning for Islamic education to be reformed to suite secular Dutch values.

Hirsi Ali, born in Somalia, immigrated to the Netherlands in the early 1990s, “ran away” as she says, in an attempt to escape

Theo van Gogh had insulted
Muslims and Islam in his movie

an arranged marriage.

She first mastered the Dutch language then studied political science at the Universiteit Leiden in order to gain a better understanding of politics in Africa and Europe.

In 2002 she joined the think tank of the Dutch Social Democratic Party.


She agreed with and stood by the controversial statements about her former religion, by the late Pim Fortuyn (the Dutch politician who was killed by an animal rights activist).

The late Fortuyn was well-known in the Netherlands for his radical views which were deemed extremist by his own party.

In 2003, Hirsi Ali switched over to the Dutch (classical) liberal party, the VVD, and was elected to Parliament in 2003.

She is said to have switched political alliances due to the Dutch Social Democratic Party not paying much attention to her controversial statements and policies regarding Islam.

Even though the liberal party has paid attention to her controversial remarks, Hursi Ali still sought to let off steam by getting in touch with the controversial filmmaker, van Gogh.

Now she remains defiant as she attempts a sequal.

Source: News Agencies

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