Israeli troops kill two Palestinians

Two Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers in a fresh flare up of violence in the occupied territories.

The Israelis also demolished eight homes during a raid
The Israelis also demolished eight homes during a raid

Witnesses said Israeli occupation troops shot and killed a Palestinian taxi driver as he drove near an army post in southern Gaza.


Rafat al-Hams, 27, was driving away from the army post in Rafah refugee camp when he was hit by Israeli military fire.


Later on Wednesday, Israeli undercover troops shot dead a 28-year-old Palestinian near Jenin.


Israeli sources said the man killed was a Palestinian fighter who was trying to flee. The man’s family said he had no connection to armed groups.


Israeli casualties


Two Israeli soldiers meanwhile were wounded by Palestinian sniper fire at the Jewish settlement of Rafiah Yam in Gaza. The Palestinian resistance group Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.

The Israeli offensive is taking atoll on ordinary Palestinians   

The Israeli offensive is taking a
toll on ordinary Palestinians   


Israeli troops rolled into the camp on Gaza’s southern border before dawn, demolishing some homes, witnesses and medics said.   

They said troops and armoured bulldozers were clearing land on the outskirts of the camp and firing machine guns sporadically. Six other Palestinians were slightly wounded.

Palestinian security sources said at least eight homes had been demolished.

Violence has intensified in occupied Gaza as Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon forges ahead with a plan to crush Palestinian resistance movements before evacuating soldiers and Jewish settlers from the impoverished strip.

Source : Al Jazeera, News Agencies

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