Israel targets Islamic Jihad leader

A series of explosions have ripped through the house of an Islamic Jihad resistance leader in the southern Gaza town of Rafah, wounding five people.

The toll in the Israeli onslaught has reached 110

Witnesses said Monday’s blasts were caused by an Israeli missile strike. Two people were critically injured. 

Muhammad al-Shaikh Khalil was not at home at the time, Islamic Jihad leaders said. 

“Shaikh Khalil is in good shape,” said local Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Abd al-Rahman, who added that none of the wounded were resistance fighters.
Khalil had lost an arm in a previous attempt on his life and lost a leg in an accident while working with explosives. 

The Israeli army said it was unaware of any military activity in the area.


Earlier, three Palestinians died of injuries sustained in Israeli missile strikes on Gaza over the weekend.

Troop deployment has beenreinforced around Bait Lahya
Troop deployment has beenreinforced around Bait Lahya

Troop deployment has been
reinforced around Bait Lahya

Aljazeera’s correspondent in Gaza said two of the men were involved in clashes with Israeli occupation troops in the town of Bait Hanun in northern Gaza on Sunday.

They were later tracked down by troops in an Israeli helicopter which fired missiles at them. The men died on Monday from the injuries sustained in the attack.

Details surrounding the injuries and death of the third Palestinian were not clear.

The latest deaths brought to 110 the toll in the Israeli onslaught on the northern Gaza Strip that began more than 12 days ago.

More than 460 Palestinians have been injured and hundreds of buildings, including homes, destroyed.

The correspondent said the Israeli army had reinforced the deployment of troops in the Klaibu area in Bait Lahya, to fortify the military site established there a few days ago.

Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies