Israeli air strike takes civilian toll

An Israeli aircraft has fired a missile at a house in Gaza’s Jabalya refugee camp, killing at least one Palestinian.

More than 100 Palestinians have been killed in 12 days
More than 100 Palestinians have been killed in 12 days

Hospital officials said a 28-year-old Palestinian civilian was killed. Three others, including a girl, were wounded in the strike on Sunday.  

The home targeted was near al-Khulafa mosque, a Hamas stronghold in the crowded Jabalya refugee camp.

All the casualties were civilians and it was unclear why the house was targeted.

Witnesses said the house was completely destroyed and several other houses and stores were damaged.

Rescue workers picked through the rubble searching for casualties.

The attack was the latest in a 12-day-old Israeli onslaught in the Gaza Strip, one of the deadliest in four years.

Increased strikes

Late on Saturday, two Israeli aircraft also fired missiles at Palestinians in separate incidents in Jabalya.

More than 120 buildings, includinghouses, have been destroyed

More than 120 buildings, including
houses, have been destroyed

The first strike near a market wounded four Palestinians, including two resistance fighters, hospital officials and 
witnesses said.

The activists were in critical condition and two bystanders were moderately wounded, hospital officials said. 

The second strike seriously wounded two other resistance fighters, hospital officials said. 

Since launching its operation 12 days ago, the army has increased missile strikes.

More than 100 Palestinians have already been killed in the latest onslaught.

Reporting on the humanitarian situation in Gaza, Aljazeera’s correspondent said more than 120 buildings, including houses, have been destroyed in Israeli air raids or by bulldozers operating 24 hours a day.

This has left hundreds of Palestinians homeless. Residents are also suffering a shortage of medicine and food supplies.

Due to the Israeli-imposed curfew, they are risking their lives to obtain bread or drinking water.

Schools have all closed down.

Source : News Agencies

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