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A selection of comments sent to us in response to Jude Wanniski’s editorial.

Jude Wanniski is a brilliant voice for reason. I think the Bush administration has made a huge mistake in Iraq. Our own military leaders advised against the Iraqi war. Our intelligence services have been co-opted by political appointees that tow the neo-conservative line and suppress unwanted views. 

Bush has given so much to big business in tax and corporate gifts that the truth is slow to come out. American media is, after all, very big business. 

This coupled with his extreme Christian viewpoint has swayed many that see him as a good resolute leader. War has been used as a political tool by this administration, and that is the real tragedy. When your children (our troops) have given their lives for a cause (even a wrong-headed one) it’s hard for many to see with unbiased eyes. Americans are wising up to Bush and it’s not over yet. It’s going to be a very close election.  Courageous voices like Jude Wanniski’s have been speaking out. 

Doug Johnson, US

Americans are justly afraid of terrorism from al-Qaida. But it is taking them a long time to learn that attacking Iraq had nothing to do with that and set back the war on terrorism in the Arab world, where it must be a political struggle first.

Rob W, US

I respect your comments re US difficulties with being the de facto World Cop, and how much this is resented by many people worldwide.

Do not use Adolf Hitler as bad sample. The world with A Hitler and the Nazis will not be  worse than today with the degenerated US criminals as world police in the name of God.

A country that collects all the excrements of other countries. All countries in this world have the rights and the duty to manufacture nuclear devices for protection against the US.

Volker, Germany

The US does not need to manage the world affairs. As an American: It is my opinion we should let the world handle its own problems and leave us alone. We have enough of our own to last for several generations.

Donald Cox, US

“I am of the opinion that: Yes, Iraq is a better place without Saddam”

Cesare, Australia

I don’t feel that most Americans are “trying as best they can to figure out their responsibilities in this new unipolar world” as Mr Wanniski claims.

Most Americans don’t even care. I think that most Americans are only trying as best they can to feed their families, pay their bills and lead a happy, normal and productive life. Most of us, faced with heavily distorted newscasts do not really understand much about geopolitics and only desire a government policy which will not rock the boat any more than it already has.

“Who cares what Europe or the rest of the world thinks? Going into Iraq to destroy the terrorist network was the right move. History will prove this”

Jack P, US

Our government derives its power directly from this unprecedented level of apathy and ignorance; without it, the whole house of cards would crumble.

If the average American was aware of:

1) Our entire military budget, including that allocated for black research (does anyone really know?);

2) The rate of oil consumption of our military (approximately 50% of national consumption during peace time);


3) The extent to which the tax burden of paying for all of this has been silently shifted, over the past century, from private corporations to middle-class households there would be a mass revolution on the streets.

Christopher Neal Wyatt, US

Why should we care how the rest of the world would vote?  They aren’t citizens of this country who care about our well-being. Maybe we should look at what the results would be amongst all the terrorists of this world too.

Phil, US

Who cares what Europe or the rest of the world thinks? Going into Iraq to destroy the terrorist network was the right move. History will prove this.

Jack P, US

I am of the opinion that: Yes, Iraq is a better place without Saddam.

Yes, the world would be a much better place if Bush will loose the next American election

Cesare, Australia

I find this article completely misses the mark in suggesting that the problem with America’s actions vis-a-vis the Muslim world is that there are no Muslims in senior positions.

This suggests that America’s actions are directed against Muslims because of their religion/culture. Most people recognise (outside of America) that in fact the guerillas’ actions are based on geo-political and economic stratagem wrapped in a tissue of patriotism and paranoia.

Remember Operation Iraqi Liberation. Consider the power and influence of the Israeli lobbyists and the anxiety of the Saudis with a loose cannon on their doorstep.

On another vein, it is misleading to equate America with the current Bush/neo-con administration. The majority of Americans (I believe) find it easier to believe in a strong and righteous president (and his cadre) than to critically evaluate the complex geopolitical situation. Television has undermined and corrupted the typical American’s ability to question what
they are fed.

This is especially true given the current bias in most/all
major US media who act out of self-interest and not
journalistic integrity.

Also, in post 9/11 America there is a prevalent mindset that “if you don’t support your President, then you don’t support your troops,” and you risk being labelled a traitor to your country, which could carry some very real and dire consequences.

I think that Americans still believe in being “good” but they are led by bad men who are deceiving them. Let’s hope that they “can’t fool all of the people, all of the time”.

Mike, Canada

During the Cold war era there were checks and balances and fear. Now only fear. The US is in decline just like any other great power in history when it over-extended itself.

Jamal Uddin, Canada

I disagree with the war in Iraq, but I also disagree that America is a threat to the world. With all respect, I strongly believe that we would have many more wars today, if US would follow the policy from before 1941.

Andrew, Canada

Mr Wanniski is only partially correct in his perspective. The US is currently focused on a pro Christian/Jewish agenda which has gone on now for the last 20 years. This agenda has been to isolate those oil rich nations that do not fit the profile of the Christian/Jewish philosophy and exhort undue political, military and unilateral oppression. The outcome or motive for this unsaid war has been twofold, the greed for oil and the Jewish ideal that they are a superior people.

By Roman history standards, he (George Bush) is a bad emperor, led by greedy elitists. The US populace, for the most part, is ignorant. Led by the teachings of hate and discord coming from the middle America Christian class, they blindly believe the rhetoric.

“Americans are no longer patriotic; they have become nationalists”


Proof of this lies in the fact that the Jewish nation possesses a huge nuclear arsenal sanctioned by the US government. No Islamic nation has such luxury, or defence from the aggressive Jews. Further proof is seen in the fact that the Jewish nation can, with impunity, violate world order, peace and human rights, all the while the US government turns a blind eye.

Even with a pending election, regardless of who is elected, Muslims around the world will continue to suffer. It is not until the world puts a stop to this unequal treatment will peace be achieved.

Peter Pearson, US

Americans should be judged harshly, as the actions we took in Iraq were unjustified by any reasonable standard. Americans are no longer patriotic; they have become nationalists.

The world was too easy on Adolf Hitler in the early stages of his rise to power. Don’t make the same mistake in judging George Bush and modern America. If Bush is re-elected, this should signal to the world where the minds of most Americans now reside. After a second Bush term, America will suffer irreparable damage, its constitution will become irrelevant and our danger to the world will be of enormous proportions.

The fact that the United Nations allowed Bush to take unilateral pre-emptive action against Iraq shows that they are an organisation of words, not actions.

“During the Cold war era there were check and balance and fear. Now only fear”

Jamal Uddin, Canada

I disagree with the overall goals of both Bush and the United Nations; they both contradict traditional American values and the US constitution.

If John Kerry becomes president, he will continue Clinton’s policy of discarding America’s sovereignty and bringing us closer to the new world order and socialism. This may be better for the rest of the world, but any traditional American conservative (not to be confused with today’s evangelical neo-conservatives) realises that although Bush must go, Kerry is a poor replacement.

The Libertarian Party’s policy of protecting US sovereignty, while condemning meddling in the affairs of other countries, would seem to be the best choice for both America and the world.

Unfortunately, because the US political system strongly discourages third party participation in government while protecting the incumbency of both Democrats and Republicans, the chance of seeing a Libertarian in the White House is as likely as seeing one become the head of state in North Korea.


Saddam did not do everything that the UN had asked leading up to the war. In fact, he routinely obstructed weapons inspections. Also, you fail to mention that the majority in Poland support Bush not Kerry. If you are going to pretend to be a non-biased and objective news organisation, then present facts not a side. Otherwise you are no better than news organisations such as Fox News.

Jon Genender, US

We, the many in the US, want to have the voice and votes of the world, as these affect us all. Your cartoonist especially showed this in Windows 2004 – the affect seen from outside, shows what is not shown here. Just the internet makes the difference. Thank you again for telling the truth, may it prevail.

Mary Ann, Ayuhwa, US

“No, I do not like Wanniski’s apologetic essay at all” 

Michael Clarke, Canada

This article clearly demonstrates that the unipolar world is a misfortune and that, as leader of such a world, the United States(ie the administration of GW Bush) failed miserably.

In the meantime, the fact that the Arab leaders accept the massacres against their people in Iraq and Palestine proves that something is systemic wrong with them. And the practice of appeasing a bully (ie the USA) proved time and again to be a recipe for disaster.

Alexandru Nemoianu, US

The US has been “experimenting” with its empire for many decades at the expense of innocent peoples from all around the globe.

“It seems the rest of the world and the president Bush haters think they speak for everyone. The truth is there are many of us who are very glad and grateful to America for striving to make the world more democratic”

Sandra Lyons, Australia

The fact that there has been absolutely no debate between the 2004 US presidential candidates about changing the fundamental goals, tactics or policies of American corporate imperialism solidifies the image of the US as simply the most recent greedy empire perpetuating the same injustices against poor countries that have been committed for over 500 years. No, I do not like Wanniski’s apologetic essay at all. 

Michael Clarke, Canada

I agree that more Muslims should get involved in American politics, but I also feel that the Patriot Act has made that more difficult than ever. 

I am a female Muslim (and American citizen) physician who wears hijab and I walk down the streets today, enter and leave airplanes, go into hospitals and government buildings accompanied by rude stares and sometimes security checks. 

It is tiresome and frustrating and scary. I never know if I am going to be detained and end up like those individuals who have been deported or ended up in prison for nothing for years. And most Americans feel that this is warranted because of my religion. 

Until this changes, I don’t think that too many Muslims are going to get involved in activities like politics that are going to increase their visibility and allow them to be scrutinised in more detail by the media.

Maryam, US

I would like to say, it seems the rest of the world and the president Bush haters think they speak for everyone. The truth is there are many of us who are very glad and grateful to America for striving to make the world a more democratic, free place to live in and bring up our children.

“As an American: It is my opinion we should let the world handle its own problems and leave us alone. We have enough of our own to last for several generations”

Donald Cox, US

If the so called United Nations have their way, I’m sure it will not be long before the free world collapses and life as we love it, will be a thing of the past. Only misery will survive. I pray George Bush wins and Kerry is sent back to the left-wing world he came from. Long live freedom!

Sandra Lyons, Australia

Source : Al Jazeera

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