More dead in Iraq clashes

Many Iraqis have been killed and scores injured in country-wide clashes between US-led forces and fighters on Sunday.

Police backed by US forces have been battling Tal Afar fighters
Police backed by US forces have been battling Tal Afar fighters

At least four Iraqis were killed and 19 wounded as US forces renewed their attacks on the northern town of Tal Afar.

Local sources also reported heavy fighting between Iraqi fighters and US forces in western suburbs of Mosul, with US forces encircling the area.

And in other incidents, two blasts north of Baghdad left at least six Iraqis and one US soldier injured, while clashes are continuing in the capital’s Sadr City district.

In the town of Tal Afar, near Mosul, al-Tahhan called on the Iraqi government “to intervene to end this massacre, save the city from the dangerous consequences of the clashes and allow families to return to their homes”.

“The victims are usually innocent civilians,” the doctor added.

Many families have fled the fighting for Mosul and nearby villages. On Saturday, at least 13 people, including women and children, were killed and 60 others wounded as clashes erupted in the town.

Critical condition

“Most of the injured are in a critical condition, forcing us to send them to Mosul due to a shortage of surgeons in our hospital.”

Doctors say women and children have been frequent casualties

Doctors say women and children
have been frequent casualties

He said the number of casualties was expected to rise as fighters are patrolling the streets and US helicopters are hovering over the city.

The doctor said hospital staff are finding it difficult to reach the injured as ambulances “are coming under random gunfire” by US forces.

The fighting began after US troops and Iraqi forces encircled al-Sarai and Hasankul districts in the town.

Car blast

Elsewhere, a car bomb exploded near a US military patrol on Sunday in the town of Dujail, some 40km north of Baghdad, wounding a US soldier and two Iraqi civilians, the US military said.

One US soldier and two Iraqis were wounded in the attack

One US soldier and two Iraqis
were wounded in the attack

“The soldier was evacuated to a coalition medical centre and is in stable condition,” said Sergeant Robert Powell, spokesman for the 1st Infantry Division. The Iraqis were treated at the scene, he added.

He said US forces detained three suspects in a nearby building. Witnesses saw one vehicle on fire as American troops sealed off the road.

And at least four more Iraqis were injured after an explosive device detonated on the main road west of Baquba, north-east of Baghdad, Aljazeera has learnt.
The explosion targeted a US military patrol but there have been no immediate reports of casualties among US-led soldiers. 

Sadr City clashes

Meanwhile, clashes and the US bombing of civilians are still continuing in Sadr City, a spokesman for the al-Mahdi Army has told Aljazeera.

Sadr City remains a battle-ground for fighters and US troops

Sadr City remains a battle-
ground for fighters and US troops

“The clashes have erupted due to the US forces and Iraqi government violation of the truce, arrest operations, storming of safe houses and restoring bloody talks rather than peaceful ones”, said Abu Thar al-Kinana.

Al-Kinani pointed out the safe houses were home to “disarmed people who have nothing to do with the ongoing operations”.
“We hold the Iraqi government and the US forces responsible for those provocative terrorist actions, causing bloodshed and massacres in the safe al-Sadr City.”

The spokesman also said “they [US forces] have also pursued al-Mahdi Army members who have sought peace and wanted to solve the crisis in the city.” 


Al-Kinana warned that “if the uprising breaks out again, it will be in all Iraqi governorates, not only Sadr City.”

“One of the points we have agreed on is that US forces do not enter this city except for reconstruction purposes,” al-Kinani said.

However, the spokesman pointed out that US forces “have reinforced their armoured vehicles in the city, surrounded it and carried out vast arrest operations”.

“America is still working according to its terrorist mind that wants to manage the whole world and eliminate any peace operations in order to be the number one in committing crimes and causing bloodsheds,” he added.

Source : Al Jazeera, News Agencies

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