Taliban seize central Afghan district

Taliban forces have taken control of the governor’s residence and security headquarters in central Afghanistan.

Despite losing government, Taliban refuse to give up fighting
Despite losing government, Taliban refuse to give up fighting

Aljazeera’s correspondent in Kandahar, Hashmat Allah Muslih, reported exclusively on Thursday that the Taliban have taken control of the second largest district in Uruzgan province.

The raid began at 03:00am (11:30 GMT) and resulted in the death of two government soldiers and the destruction of numerous military vehicles.

No spokesman at Kabul’s interior or defence ministries were prepared to comment when contacted.

But the attack follows the detention of dozens of Taliban suspects during the week.

Taliban allies

Afghan and US-led forces have taken 58 people suspected of planning attacks in Kabul.

International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) spokesman, Commander Chris Henderson, said the arrests had “removed a number … who were deemed to pose an imminent threat to security” before actually committing a crime.
He added that one of those arrested was believed to be a senior member of the outlawed Hizb-i Islami – an Islamist party run by former Afghan premier Gulb al-Din Hekmatyar and in alliance with the Taliban.
The arrests have lead to an increasing concern that anti-government forces are growing in confidence and might be moving towards as an “urban insurgency” in Kabul.

Last Sunday, some 48 new 107mm Chinese-made rockets were found in the mountains south-west of the capital in Vardak province.

Source : Al Jazeera

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