Bollywood bust-up over a kiss

An Indian movie star has been charged with assaulting an actress who refused to kiss his son in a film.

Indian films are getting more racy
Indian films are getting more racy

Mohan Babu, a former member of parliament was charged with “wrongful confinement” and intimidation on Wednesday.

The police said the incident took place at a studio in Hyderabad on Tuesday evening during the filming of a Telugu-language film, Vishnu.

The film is being produced by Mohan Babu to launch his son Vishnu’s movie career.

Slapped down

The actress, Shilpa Shivanand, said Babu became angry when she refused to kiss Vishnu in a song sequence.

Shilpa said when she refused to do the scene, an enraged Mohan Babu slapped her.

And when her mother Parveen Sivanand tried to intervene, she was also allegedly beaten up.

Mohan Babu has been unavailable to comment on the allegations.

Sexual taboos

This is not the first time that the actor has found himself on the wrong side of the law.

Babu, who started his film career playing villains, has figured in several other cases of assaults and violation of laws.

Kissing scenes are still taboo in Indian films, with few actresses willing to commit to one on the screen.

However, that trend is changing with many new films exploring bolder, more sexually explicit themes.

Source : AFP

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