Norwegian cheese spreads panic

Brussels airport went into high alert on Wednesday when a giant block of cheese caused a major security stink.

No kidding: Goat's cheese causes major alert
No kidding: Goat's cheese causes major alert

The smelly Norwegian goat cheese fooled security services at the Belgian airport into mistaking it for a bomb.
The formidable block of brunost – a dense brown cube – had passed through airport security from Norway to Belgium. But difficulties began when its owner decided to fly to England.

Missed connection

The brown cheese was supposed to meet up with Tore Fauske, a Norwegian living in England who was visiting Brussels.
But as the cheese underwent security checks, it struck fear into security handlers –  huddled around the X-ray machine – who believed it resembled a bomb.
Fauske was stopped posthaste and made to explain.

“And the guards visibly retreated when I opened it!” he told the Norwegian daily Stavanger Aftenblad. 
Case of mistaken identity

Fauske had to unwrap the package and eat some of the Brunost to prove it was safe and would not explode.

The cheese did prove to be pungent, but quite harmless in character.

Fauske was allowed to board his flight to England, but he had to leave Brunost behind.

The brown cheese is a Norwegian breakfast delicacy that is cut with its own special knife and leaves a lingering trace of caramel on the tongue.

Source: AFP

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