Israeli troops wreak terror in curfew city

One man has been shot and another has been severely beaten by Israeli occupation soliders in the West Bank city of Tulkaram.

Israeli soldiers carried out door to door searches

Soldiers invaded the refugee camp at 2am and imposed a curfew on the the residents of the city and refugee camp.

An eyewitness told that military jeeps had surrounded the camp, and soldiers were shooting in the air.

The eyewitness described seeing a 22 year old youth being dragged by three soldiers onto a street and given a severe beating ”some of the soldiers where using their gun’s to beat the man’, said the eyewitness.

The man, who locals have named as Ehab Hashash was later taken to hospital where he is receiving treatment for his injuries.

A 17 year old man was shot in the leg after deifying curfew, he is also recovering in hospital. Ahmed Hamshi was taken to a local hospital, his condition has been described as stable.

A resident of Tulkaram city told that the city had been closed off by the soldiers.

” The streets of the city are completely empty, this is usually a busy vibrant place and at this time of the day people would be busy, preparing for the breaking of the fast later this evening.”


Earlier in the day soldiers prevented children from going to school, telling them to return home.

This is the first time in over a week that soldiers have been in the Tulkaram area.

An Israeli solider was wounded last night at the crossroad of Kafriyat, south of Tulkaram.


Earlier in the day a Palestinian man died after the bomb that he was carrying exploded, near the West Bank town of Qalqilya. No one else was injured in the blast.

Israeli military sources claim that they had been tracking the man for several hours before ‘intercepting him’.

The al-Aqsa Brigade have name the man as Sabih Abu Saud, 17 from Nablus.

Source: Al Jazeera