Mickey Mouse marks birthday in style

The world’s most famous mouse is celebrating his 75th birthday  in a spectacular ceremony in Florida.

Cartoon character has become a cult icon for children and adults
Cartoon character has become a cult icon for children and adults

Mickey Mouse, the all singing all dancing rodent, made his cartoon debut in the cartoon, Steamboat Willie in 1928.

The animation film caused a stir for being the first cartoon to feature synchronized sound. During the early days of Mickey’s birth, Walt Disney himself provided the voice for Mickey.

In 1932 the American Academy awarded a special Oscar to Walt Disney for creating the popular mouse.

Mickey has appeared in over 140 cartoons since he was created.


At Disney world in Florida, 75 statues of the iconic rodent will be unveiled from Tuesday as part of celebrations spanning over an 18-month period.

The statues are two metres tall and will take centre stage at the Disney theme park in Florida.

“It’s a true testament to Walt that he was able to create Mickey Mouse with such depth and personality that, on his 75th anniversary, Mickey continues to take us on adventures, make us laugh and inspire us,” said Mark Eisner, chairman and chief executive of The Walt Disney Company.

A set of US postage stamps bearing Mickey’s image will also be issued and his classic films are being re-released.

Source : Al Jazeera

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