US woman admits having 27 husbands

If marriage is bliss, a US woman who has tied the knot 27 times should now be in a state of uncontrollable ecstasy.

Most of the bridegrooms were aliens awaiting residency papers
Most of the bridegrooms were aliens awaiting residency papers

Dezerrie Cortes, 40, is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to perjury, lying about her marital status when she applied for licenses to marry more than two dozen different men.

According to indictments at her court appearance on Wednesday, Cortes applied for marriage licenses between 1984 and 2002 in several New York City borough offices, court sources said on Friday.

Most of the people she married were foreigners awaiting residency papers. She tied the knot with them in exchange for money.

Her “husbands” included a Dominican, a Pakistani, an Indian and an Ecuadoran.

Cortes pleaded guilty to one of the charges: lying to city
authorities in January 2000 in order to obtain a marriage
certificate, saying she had never been married when in fact she had taken marital vows more than 20 times. 

Cortes was allowed to go free on her own recognisance for
sentencing on 7 January. She could get up to six months in jail.

Source: AFP

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