Austrian airlines staff strike again

Austrian Airlines (AUA) pilots and flight staff will go on strike for the second time in a week.

Austrian airlines only recently recovered from financial troubles
Austrian airlines only recently recovered from financial troubles

The strike is due to start at 5:30am (0330 GMT) on Wednesday, the Austrian news agency APA reported, quoting union representatives.


AUA staff on Saturday staged a 15-hour strike to protest against cost-cutting plans after months of negotiations with the management broke down last week.


It resulted in eight flights being cancelled and a loss of up to $2.3 million for the cash-strapped national carrier, according to AUA spokesmen in Vienna.


Members of the AUA board have spent months trying to adopt a plan to reduce company costs by 35% by 2008, and 10% by 2004, saying the scheme is critical to the airline’s survival.


In early May, AUA announced a first quarter loss of $62.8 million before taxes.




However, it recently bounced back from financial troubles.


After a net loss of $195 million in 2001, the company installed a severe financial plan and emerged, in 2002, with $50.4 million net profits.


The flight staff, who also staged a three-hour strike in August, have said they are still hoping to reach a compromise with the management.


Strikes had been relatively rare in Austria, where the government, unions and management were traditionally able to reach consensus.


But since the rise of the conservative-extreme right coalition in February 2000, several strikes have taken place. 

Source: AFP

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