German minister attacks US over Guantanamo

German Interior Minister Otto Schily attacked the US for its indefinite detention of some 600 prisoners from the war in Afghanistan at Guantanamo Bay, though admitted that he sympathised with the need to prevent future attacks.

Prisoners are not given access to legal representation
Prisoners are not given access to legal representation

Schily told Der Spiegel in an interview that the detainees held in the prison on the island of Cuba were afforded neither the protection enjoyed by criminals or prisoners of war.


“Under what legal conditions are the prisoners incarcerated ? Up until now there must have been at least the beginning of a legal process,” Schily said.


“On the other hand, I understand if the Americans say the prisoners cannot be permitted to go free, because they must naturally suspect that they could carry out new attacks,” he added.


Schily said that relations between the international community and the US remain good despite the fact that there have been disagreements over Guantanamo Bay, AP reported.   

Source : News Agencies

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