Hizb Allah criticises UN chief

Lebanese resistance group Hizb Allah branded UN chief Kofi Annan an apologist for the United States and Israel after he condemned the group’s attack in which an Israeli was killed.

Hizb Allah's Sheikh Nasrallah labelled Kofi Annan a US spokesman
Hizb Allah's Sheikh Nasrallah labelled Kofi Annan a US spokesman

In a statement issued on Monday, the group said the UN secretary general condemned actions of the resistance movement while ignoring multiple air, sea and land attacks by Israel.
“Annan has shown bias in favour of Israel, which is not surprising since he acts as spokesman for the Americans and the Israelis. Such an attitude will only encourage Israel to pursue its aggression and occupation,” it charged.
Hizb Allah said it will not give up its mission to defend the integrity and sovereignty of Lebanon.

The UN secretary general urged “all governments that have influence on Hizb Allah to deter it from any further actions which could increase the tension in the area,” while also calling on Israel “to exercise utmost restraint”.
US reaction

The United States also called for Israel, Lebanon and Syria to exercise “maximum restraint” after the Hizb Allah actions in northern Israel but made clear that Beirut and Damascus had to deal with the south Lebanese resistance group.
US State Department deputy speaker Philip Reeker said the administration had been in touch with all governments in the region, insisting that Lebanon and Syria deal with Hizb Allah
“We’ve been in touch with everybody there, but Syria and Lebanon need to exercise control,” Reeker said. “Hizb Allah, as you know, is a terrorist group, full of people opposed to the peace process.”
Israeli jets

Low-flying Israeli warplanes shook Beirut residents awake with sonic booms in an overnight mock raid following threats of “retaliatory options” by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Sunday. Israeli jets frequently violate Lebanese airspace.
The mock raids prompted Lebanon to begin a diplomatic campaign aimed at preventing Israel from carrying out air strikes.

Beirut called in envoys from the five permanent UN Security Council members to press for an end to Israeli agressions, officials in Beirut said.
Military action

On Sunday, Israeli jets struck near the village of Tayr Harfa in south Lebanon where residents said a Hizb Allah anti-aircraft post took a direct hit.
The raid came after an Israeli was killed and five others were wounded earlier in the day in what Israel said was the second attack in three days by Hizb Allah, fuelling fears of the reopening of a new front after a seven-month lull.
On Friday, Hizb Allah launched a rocket attack on the occupied Shebaa Farms, a border area occupied by Israel since 1967 but part of Lebanon.
Hizb Allah spearheaded a guerrilla war that led to Israel forces withdrawing from the nearly all of the country in 2000 after two decades of occupation.

Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies

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