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    Since its launch in 2006, Al Jazeera English has made waves for providing global news not seen anywhere else. While unfortunately many in America have not been able to see the channel themselves, those that have had the opportunity have offered countless praises.

    “The stories are long and detailed; behind the news reports is an overall sensibility that is different from that of most mainstream television news organizations… Though Al Jazeera English looks at news events through a non-Western prism, it also points to where East and West actually meet. ”-Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times

    “Preventing AJE from becoming part of our news diet means that most Americans are missing out on a unique glimpse of international news, views and events… [Al Jazeera English] has the capacity to bridge a widening global gap… by bringing the entire world into our living rooms”-Souheila Al-Jadda, USA Today

    “News without the nonsense… Al Jazeera English would get significant viewership from among the large number of Americans disgusted with the seemingly bottomless dumbing-down of American TV news over the past decade or so. ”-Andrew Stroehlein, The Boston Globe

    “Al-Jazeera has served the truth far better than many of its detractors would acknowledge. Indeed, arguably nothing — including the Bush Administration's panoply of democratization programs — has done more than al-Jazeera to open minds and challenge authority… ”-Scott MacLeaod, TIME

    “Al Jazeera English is not what you might think. It offers balanced, professional reporting from correspondents both in Sderot and Gaza”-Gideon Levy, Haaretz

    “Al Jazeera appeases no one and draws criticism in the Arab world as much as it does anywhere else. Good journalism does that, annoying those who don’t appreciate open debate and discussion. ”-Joan Baxter, The Halifax Chronicle Herald

    “If you are not watching Al Jazeera English's coverage of the War on Gaza, you are missing much, if not, most of the story … We are more interconnected than we have ever been and Al Jazeera English offers a comprehensive and ground-breaking global perspective, emphasizing news from the developing world and providing a context for it. ”-Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Huffington Post, multimedia journalist

    “I am convinced it is the most important English-language cable channel to come along since Fox News. It’s everything our cable news isn’t: global, meaty, consequential and compelling in the best sense of the word”-Aaron Barnhart, The Kansas City Star

    “The world it presents, more from the impact than the launch point of U.S. missiles, is one that must be understood… [America] needs to watch Al Jazeera... Al Jazeera English should be widely available”-Roger Cohen, New York Times

    “Al Jazeera offers news diversity to U.S. ”-Edward Luce, The Financial Times

    “[Al Jazeera's] efforts at neutral journalism … are making much-needed waves in the Arab world, while the same ethic may be slipping away in the West”-The Jerusalem Post

    “Like all of the networks, Al Jazeera gives constant hard-hitting interviews with politicians and analysts from Israel, the West Bank, and the rest of the Arab world. But while others can only balance pundits with more pundits, Al Jazeera has been taking the viewer to the scene to weigh the words of politicians against the reality on the ground. ”–New America Media


    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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