ElBaradei to catalyse Friday rally?

How will Mohamed ElBaradei's return to Cairo impact political protests across Egypt? Post your comments here.

    A lone anti-Mubarak protester in the middle of Cairo's Tahrir Square on Tuesday [Mostapha El-Shafey]

    Mohamed ElBaradei's brother has said the Egyptian opposition leader and Nobel laureate is expected to return Thursday evening to his native land.

    The former head of the UN's nuclear agency will participate in protests on Friday, amid growing chaos and calls for political reform in the embattled country.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has said it will be leading those demonstrations after Friday prayers, which will be the first time that the main Egyptian opposition party will join in the current unrest.

    At least four people have died and the government has detained more than 700 people in response to the biggest opposition rallies in many years.

    Protests have been most violent in Suez, east of Cairo. At least two dozen people were wounded in Wednesday night's protests there, and demonstrators burned down a police post on Thursday.

    How impact will Mohamed ElBaradei's return to Cairo have on political protests across Egypt?

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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