Zarina Banu

Human Rights

Hong Kong: Defying the Chinese Dream

Can a bunch of fresh-faced students with smartphones play a part in shaping China's future?

Human Rights

Hong Kong: At the heart of Occupy Central

Waiting for the Umbrella Revolution's next move.


Erosion of Hong Kong's core values

Hong Kong is a sideshow in Beijing's main act: securing its status as a rising superpower.


Indonesia: Prabowo's last stand

The Indonesian Constitutional Court upholds election results, securing Jokowi's presidency.


'Victory is for all Indonesia'

Jokowi Widodo's victory in the presidential elections bodes well for Indonesia's democratic future.


Thailand: Yet another coup

Thailand's military coup is democracy at the barrel of a gun.


Time out for Thailand's elites

Thai elites need to rethink their grasp on institutional order amid shift in political loyalties.


Thailand's revolving door elites

The next rocky chapter in the battle for Thailand's soul is under way.


Sri Lanka's economic comeback

An economic renaissance for South Asia's 'finest island' hinges on a visionary green tourist policy.

US & Canada

Hong Kong's refugee shame

Hong Kong must update its refugee policy to match growing image as an international city.


Indonesia elections: Infusing democracy

Jokowi's street-style democracy has electrified Indonesia's political system.


Malaysia Airlines: Catalyst for political change?

Some Malaysians are asking serious questions about how the government has handled the MH370 crisis.