Thomas Bell

Humanitarian crises

What's really holding back reconstruction in Nepal

It is easy to blame the Nepali government but it is also important to ask where the internationals stand in this fiasco.


A second disaster awaits Nepal's heritage

Kathmandu's heritage sites may soon be placed on the UNESCO danger list due to mishandled post-earthquake restoration.


Analysis: Blockade politics in Nepal

India's unofficial blockade of its northern Himalayan neighbour has deepened landlocked country's multiple crises.


Nepal's constitutional jeopardy

The draft constitution is designed to preserve the power and interests of those who are already on top.

Poverty & Development

Do they have what it takes to rebuild Nepal?

Nepal's donors must help to pay for the recovery without inadvertently bankrolling the country's structural problems.


A small step forward in Nepal

The vague agreement on Nepal's constitution offers some encouragement, but the risk of disappointment is high.

Humanitarian crises

One month on, red tape hampers Nepal aid

Giving reconstruction funds directly to Nepal quake survivors could cut out corruption and administrative waste.

Humanitarian crises

The disaster in Nepal after the earthquake

Relations between the international community and the Nepali government have rarely been worse than they are now.

Humanitarian crises

Eyewitness in Kathmandu: Systems have failed

While aid is yet to reach the worst affected areas, there is growing anger in the capital at the lack of supplies.

Human Rights

Crushing normality on Everest

After last year's tragedy, it is unlikely labour relations on the mountain will go back to what they were.

Humanitarian crises

Nepal's failed development

Nepal is one of the best examples of failed development aid - so why do the donors keep pumping more money in?


Nepal's transitional injustice

The needs of victims are being forgotten, and transitional justice twisted out of shape.