Solomon Dersso

Dr Solomon Ayele Dersso, a legal scholar and analyst of African affairs who writes on current African issues, is former head of the Peace and Security Council Report at the Institute for Security Studies and non-faculty assistant professor of human rights at Addis Ababa University.


South Africa's future in the ICC is still uncertain

S Africa's decision to revoke its notice of withdrawal from the ICC does not mean the matter is conclusively settled.


Gambia: A lesson for African dictators

What Gambia can teach other countries about the peaceful transfer of power.


Africa's challenge to the ICC

The scrutiny of the three African withdrawals from the ICC should not be reduced to accusations of seeking impunity.

Humanitarian crises

Only mediation can stop the violence in Burundi

The African Union's decision on the use of troops is not a panacea for the crisis in the country.


Burundi's fragile peace can still unravel

Apart from the flow of refugees, the crisis in Burundi remains containable - for now.


The tension-ridden hydro-politics of the Nile

The declaration will only change the hydro-politics of the Nile if Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan walk the talk.


Nigerian security trumps democracy

Boko Haram is a key variable that will determine the outcome of Nigeria's election.


Egypt vs African Union: A mutually unhappy ending?

The year-long wrestling match between the African Union and Egypt has left its scars on both fighters.


Reporting Africa: In defence of a critical debate

The challenge for journalists covering Africa is telling African stories in their full human dimension.


The best option to settle the CAR crisis?

The deteriorating situation in the CAR undermines the African Union’s collective security system.


Libya: on the brink of abyss

Libya's dangerous slip into anarchy will have serious implications for Africa.


Unplanned obsolescence: The ICC and the African Union

Discontent among African states grows towards the ICC in light of going legal developments, writes scholar.