Salil Shetty

War & Conflict

The long road to justice for Chad's Hissene Habre

It is moments like these that we can draw on in darker times.

Human Rights

Why Roma kids don't fit in at Czech schools

Racism against Roma people is rampant in Czech educational institutions.

Humanitarian crises

Palestinian homes as targets

Amnesty International discloses details of a series of Israeli attacks carried out in Gaza on Palest

War & Conflict

No one to trust, nowhere to turn

Amnesty International has uncovered evidence of brutal extrajudicial killings and massacres in Niger


Nigeria: A serious test of stability

World Economic Forum on Africa opens in Nigeria under long shadow cast by the plight of abducted schoolgirls.


Lessons from beyond the mass grave

Institutional mechanisms for intervention after the Rwandan genocide did not prevent violence in CAR and South Sudan.


Governments can no longer shirk human rights responsibility

A new UN protocol raises economic and cultural rights to the same prominence as civil and political rights.


Ignoring global inequality

International law should be enforcing governments to create frameworks that foster citizens to realise their rights.


Nigerian government should address the problems

If "official lawlessness is denied and goes unpunished", Nigeria will not gain the stability it so badly needs.


Passing judgement on ten years of the ICC

The criminal court is a great achievement in international justice, but it must do better in its next decade.