Remi Piet

Remi Piet is a research associate on political economy and foreign policy at the Florida International University.


The populist drift of the French election campaign

French presidential candidates are using populist distractions to avoid discussing actual policy plans.

European Union

Why the French elections will change the face of Europe

The result of the upcoming French election will either force the EU to take a giant step backwards or rejuvenate it.


Why a hard Brexit will cost the UK more than Europe

Brussels has several cards up its sleeve that could hinder Theresa May's plans for a clean and painless Brexit.


Fillon's victory: A political earthquake in France

Francois Fillon's surprising victory in the Republican primaries has sent his future rivals scrambling to change course.

War & Conflict

Colombia: A Nobel Prize to save peace

The Nobel Peace Prize will offer Juan Manuel Santos and Colombians a second shot at peace.


Hungary should be kicked out of the EU

Raising fences and hiring "border hunters" to reject war refugees goes against the values of the EU.


Old Sarkozy does not match new France's needs

If Sarkozy has not changed, his country indeed has, and that's why his success is unlikely.


France: How to win the war against ISIL

It is essential for Europeans to avoid falling into ISIL's trap, and instead reaffirm the humanistic roots of Europe.


How should France answer to the horror in Nice?

The country is now deeply entrenched in a long-term war with few hopes of dodging future attacks.

Human Rights

France: Hollande, union strikes and Les Bleus

The current deadlock is the very cause of the subpar economic results in France over the past 30 years.


France, football and racism: The Karim Benzema affair

Adulated by a generation of fans, football players can have a longer reach than elected presidents.

Human Rights

Panama Papers: The hypocrisy of the ruling elites

The world is plagued by elites who ask citizens to tighten their belts while they go on with their lavish lifestyles.