Peter Singer


Dying in court

A Canadian's fight for the right to die could provide an international precedent in the case for assisted suicide.

Business & Economy

Weigh more, pay more

We should think of the size of the human population not just in terms of numbers, but also in terms of its mass.

Science & Technology

The ethics of internet piracy

There's a need to find a way to maximise the truly amazing potential of the internet, while properly rewarding creators.

US & Canada

Europe's ethical eggs

A ban on battery cages for hens that was adopted in 1999 has finally been implemented throughout the European Union.

US & Canada

Should we ban cigarettes?

'Cigarettes, not guns or bombs, are the deadliest artifacts in the history of civilisation.'

Latin America

Obsessed with happiness

In an effort to increase happiness among its people, Bhutan studies, quantifies, and defines what it means to be happy.

Arts & Culture

A planet for all apes

Two movies released this month promise to shed a different light on the issue of our relationship with the great apes.

US & Canada

Moral progress and animal welfare

Reducing the suffering of all creatures is truly a mark of a civilised society.


Does anything really matter?

A new book tries to explain how it may be possible to view moral judgements as objective truths.


How to out-smart a tsunami

Following the loss of life caused by Japan's tsunami, a small nonprofit organisation is planning ahead in Indonesia.

Arts & Culture

Google: A universal library?

Search engine's initiative to make a massive online library is a fantastic idea, but it has run into obstacles.


Global Justice and Intervention

Military intervention in Libya may have some moral basis, however such a decision is fraught with implicit dangers.