Omar Samad

Omar Samad is a former Afghan Ambassador to France, Canada, EU and NATO, and worked as an adviser to Afghanistan's chief executive before his resignation in December 2015.

Currently, he is the CEO of Silkroad Consulting.

United States

What should the US' next move be in Afghanistan?

A US decision to boost troop numbers in Afghanistan would be welcome, but there is need for a more robust engagement.


The need for inclusive partnership in Afghanistan

There is a dire need for statesmanship, a visionary and honest leadership, and a balanced and inclusive partnership.


How to avoid gridlock in Afghanistan

Afghans need reassurance that the gains of the past 14 years won't be negotiated away as part of regional deal-making.


Afghanistan's fragile new partnership

Two men will have to navigate Afghanistan out of rough waters and onto calmer shores.

War & Conflict

Afghanistan: At risk of a two-headed government?

As both contenders for the presidency see the end of the electoral debacle approaching, they've draw


How to save Afghanistan's democratic moment

Political egos and manipulative tactics must be put aside and both camps should aim for a collaborative outcome.


The Afghan ballot test

If Afghans fail to avoid political polarisation and ethnic chauvinism, it will imperil the post-2014 transition process.


A risky Afghan endgame

Did Obama rain on the Afghan parade or are there back-channel imperatives that trumped all other considerations?


Afghanistan: The stakes are high

Second round or not, there are only a few days left to reach a credible electoral outcome acceptable to most Afghans.


Afghan elections: Great start with risks ahead

Some prefer a run-off to seek a clearer mandate, others see a prolonged race as polarising and destabilising.


Afghanistan elections: Domestic and external spoilers

The challenge facing Afghan leaders will be to allow for the constitutional process to run its course, without meddling.

US & Canada

The road ahead for Afghanistan

Most Afghans know they need US and NATO assistance until Afghan forces are ready to hold off the Taliban on their own.