Omar Ashour

Omar Ashour is Senior Lecturer in Security Studies at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies in University of Exeter and an Associate Fellow at Chatham House.


ISIL's European strategy

The group's objectives in using terrorism are not new, but its capacity for carrying out attacks is.

Turkey attempted coup

What Egyptians can learn from Turkey's failed coup

The lessons for Egypt are numerous and they will certainly affect the future of democratisation in that country.

War & Conflict

Sinai insurgency: An enduring risk

Cairo's security policies in Sinai remain immoral and ineffective - so far exacerbating the problem.

Human Rights

Egypt's notorious police brutality record

How will the conflicting "capitals of hell" impact Egypt's security and political landscape? Probably not so positively.

Human Rights

The Egyptian revolution: What went wrong?

For change to happen, the lessons of the past five years should be kept in mind for the future rounds.

War & Conflict

After Paris: ISIL's strategy against the 'far enemy'

The group's strategy started to change after the Iranian and US air strikes began in 2014.

War & Conflict

Plane crash, scandals and British-Egyptian relations

In Britain, one side perceives the Sisi regime as a capable government but the other is critical of the country.

Human Rights

#FreeAJStaff: Travesty of justice continues

Egyptian judges act on their own in terms of repressing whomever they perceive as status quo critics.


Rabaa's massacre: The political impact

Two years after the bloody crackdown on the pro-Morsi protesters, Egypt is far from the democratic club.

War & Conflict

The Sinai is far from stable

Sinai Province's military prowess is unmatched by any Egyptian rebel group in Egypt's modern history.


Egypt's extrajudicial killings

Egypt's regime is dominated by figures that believe in eradicationist policies.


Sisi's first year

Reconciliation, compromise, and liberties are dirty words in Egypt's politics.