Nick Fillmore

Humanitarian crises

COP21: Any agreement is better than no agreement?

Lofty language and idealistic goals won't stop global warming.


Climate change commitments: From weaker to weakest

Delegates left the Lima conference on climate change dangerously uncommitted.


A final warning on climate change

The IPCC strongly acknowledges that carbon emissions are rising at an alarming rate.


Climate activism: A change in approach?

Environmentalists and the general public must change tactics and begin focusing on the big corporate

Business & Economy

Giant banks still play roulette with our future

Even after the recent financial recession, banks continue to be involved in risky schemes.

Business & Economy

Austerity chokes Canada's needy

Canadian austerity measures are hurting society's most vulnerable and the government is being callous towards the needy.


Stop climate deniers from winning the information war

The media too often gives a voice to global warming 'sceptics', harming the fight against dangerous climate change.