Mike Allison


Strengthening El Salvador's rule of law

The failure to tackle corruption and insecurity undermines the ruling party's social programmes.

Human Rights

An end to impunity in Guatemala?

The law has always been used to protect the powerful in Guatemala.

US & Canada

Should the US deport unaccompanied minors?

The US government needs to revamp its strategy of curbing immigration from Central America.


2013: A democratic setback in Guatemala

Insecurity, social unrest and lack of legal security have been the hallmark of 2013 for Guatemala.


The myth of the squeaky-clean US

In describing the Guatemalan civil war, media reports often omit important context and downplay the US role.


How to reduce crime in the world's most violent country

An international commission against impunity could lower sky-high murder rates and thwart graft in Honduras.

US & Canada

Ending the “ruthless leadership” of the Zetas?

Trevino's arrest doesn't mean drug related violence in Mexico is over.


Ganging up on violence in Honduras

Although a recent truce between rival gangs in Honduras won't provide a panacea to the violence, it's a good first step.

Latin America

Guatemala: Rios Montt genocide trial ends with historic verdict

Efrain Rios Montt becomes the first head of state tried and convicted of genocide in a domestic court.

US & Canada

US President Obama returns to Latin America

The US is in no place to lecture the people of Mexico and Central America on democracy and human rights, writes author.

US & Canada

Could the next pope come from Latin America?

The selection of a Latin American Pope would be symbolically important and would help rejuvenate a crippled Church.


The battle to define Hugo Chavez's legacy

The death of Chavez may have immediate regional implications, but his legacy will live on.